Quality guarantee, return and exchange

  • Goods purchased shall be subject under Law to a 24 months warranty for the quality of goods depending on the furniture purchased. The construction of the furniture shall be subject to a 24 months warranty, other parts of the furniture shall be subject to a 12 months warranty. Goods purchased shall be subject to a warranty only if goods are used in household i.e. goods are not used for commercial activities.
  • Article 6.338 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania states deadlines for filing claims for defects in the Goods.
  • The guarantee applies in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • The guarantee applies to product quality defects caused by the manufacturer's fault.
  • During the warranty period, we will correct the quality discrepancies of furniture, or replace them with quality ones at our own expense.
  • If the ordered products are made according to the customer's needs and conditions, the goods cannot be returned.


The following are not considered to be defects in the quality of the furniture and the warranty conditions do not apply to:

  • When the furniture complies with the quality standard provided by the Seller.
  • In case of normal wear and tear of the furniture or changes in its characteristics, when using the furniture due to possible wrinkles on textiles, fabrics, etc.
  • For furniture fabrics, natural leather and the overall appearance of the furniture.
  • For differences in the texture of natural wood, for differences in the textile, fabric or leather tone.
  • The furniture has been damaged due to the fault of the Buyer: because of misuse, intentional damage; not during the Seller's installation or repair; fire; materials; liquid; animals and other damage caused by external influences.
  • For discrepancies in furniture dimensions up to 5 cm, compared to the data provided for on the website www.sofalovakedestalas.lt
  • There are possible differences in shades and textures between the samples of textiles, fabrics, wood (in the warehouse, websites, etc.) and the goods provided to the Buyer.
  • When new furniture emits an odor that disappears after ventilating the premises.
  • Some parts of the furniture (pull-out mattress, support or interior parts of the furniture) are covered with an auxiliary fabric, the color of which may differ from the main color of the furniture fabric.
  • The looseness of furniture textiles or genuine leather on upholstered furniture is possible due to the stretching of the natural fabric.
  • When the Buyer orders the furniture at different times, the goods may be manufactured at different times, so textile, fabric, wood and other shades may differ.
  • When the buyer did not follow the instructions for use and maintenance of the furniture.
  • Furniture with defects, when defects have been discussed with the Buyer in advance.
  • For furniture from the exhibition
  • For wooden furniture without finishing


Return and exchange goods

  • Return and exchange of goods is carried out in accordance with the Government of the Republic of Lithuania Resolution No. 738 “On approval of retail trade rules” (valid from 29.07.2014) and in accordance with Article 6.362 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • The Buyer may not return goods that have been ordered and / or manufactured or produced according to the individual order of the Buyer, under the special directions of the Buyer or are obviously adapted to the individual needs of the Buyer and which are not pre-manufactured including other cases provided by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • The buyer cannot return the exhibited goods, they are treated as used. Second-hand goods are included in the list of non-returnable and non-exchangeable goods, therefore, after purchasing such goods and later rethinking their necessity, the seller of such goods is not obliged to accept them - they can be changed or returned only with the seller's consent.

  • The Buyer shall be responsible for properly packaging goods for return. If the product is not properly packaged, the Seller will not accept the returned item.
  • The seller accepts the returned item only when:
  1. the returned goods are in their original packaging.
  2. the returned goods are of good quality, have not been damaged, used and the appearance has not substantially changed, the furniture is not assembled and no attempt has been made to assemble it.
  3. if the returned goods are completed in the same way as when the Buyer had collected them.
  • The Seller is not responsible if the colour, shape or other parameters of furniture on the website differs from the actual size, shape and colour of furniture due to the features of electronic devices used by the Buyer.

It should be noted that Section 17 of the Retail Rules provides for a list of non-refundable items (such as electrical engineering, toys, furniture, cosmetics, books, underwear, etc.). Goods included in this list, of appropriate quality, may be returned only with the consent of the seller. You can find the above rules at the following link: https://www.e-tar.lt/portal/legalAct.html?documentId=712337a0164711e4afafe56485a7e49a