The buyer can pay for the goods in the following ways:

When paying for goods by bank transfer- when the Buyer, after Seller confirmed the order and sent an instruction regarding payment, transfers the money to the bank account of UAB BRANDAS indicated in the preliminary invoice.

By paying for the goods in cash when the Buyer pays for the goods at the time of their withdrawal from the warehouse.

The prices of goods shall be indicated in the online store and / or the order in the euro inclusive of value added tax.

If the goods are in the Seller's warehouse - a 100% payment of the total order value is required when withdrawing the goods.

If the ordered goods are not in the Seller's warehouse, a partial advance payment of 50% of the total order value is required.

The Seller unilaterally reserves the right to demand partial or full advance payment from the Buyer and, if he does not agree, the seller reserves the right not to sell the goods.



If you have ordered furniture that we do not have in stock, most orders will be fulfilled within 6 weeks. Partial payment is required in advance.

When the furniture is in the Seller's warehouse:

The Buyer can pick up the furniture from the Seller's warehouse located at Drobės street 29L, Kaunas.

The Buyer can choose a delivery service.

The goods can be delivered to you by the employees of our recommended company. The price of the delivery of one furniture set can be found in the map. The price does not include cargo operations.

The Buyer can choose the carriage of goods to the apartment. This service is available only with the prior agreement. Depending on the furniture, the service of carrying of the ordered goods costs from 15€ per piece up to the first floor and we apply the additional carrying fee (starting from 3€ per every floor).

We can recommend the company that can deliver your purchases to Latvia. The price of delivery of goods starts from 60€.

We can recommend the company that can deliver your purchases to Estonia. The price of delivery of goods starts from 80€.

The payment of the delivery is paid directly to the delivery company.